About Us

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Alpine Slopes is the first indoor Ski and Snowboard centre in the GTA. Our facility provides an endless alpine winter sport experience with complete comfort and safety. Instead of driving for hours or waiting inlong long lift lines in winter conditions, you can use our unique surface to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

What it's all about: Beginners can learn, Intermediates can improve their skills, and Experts can improve their technique. Alpine Slopes is looking to build up a larger network of indoor slope facilities throughout North America. We are one of many indoor slopes around the world associated with "Maxxtracks".

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Maxxtracks Ski-Slope Simulator

The practical endless downhill MAXXTRACKS Ski-Slope Simulators, adjusted per individual class to simulate specific slope conditions, provide rapid and highly remarkable results. Novice skiers are stimulated as they don't have to climb up the hill, or face wait times at lift lines.

The instructor can adjust the downhill angle of the slope as well as the slope speed, which simulates conditions that best meet the training needs of his/her group. By changing the settings, the instructor can instantly adjust from very easy to extreme downhill conditions, enabling him/her to train each student on an individual basis.


Watch us on CTV News

The CTV News crew came to pay us a visit here at Alpine Slopes. Click on the thumbnail to the right to view the clip and see what they had to say.